Painting pink lotus flower on canvas.

    Are you looking for a beautiful floral wall decoration for your living room or bedroom? Would you like to give your interior a special atmosphere or some more color? With this beautiful large…

    € 149,95
  • Monastary Buddha
    Monastary Buddha

    Black and white Buddha painting on canvas.
    This stylish canvas of Chinese Buddha statues with offerings in black and white fits with multiple interior styles and gives a mysterious touch to your interior.

    About the Buddha…

    € 149,95

    Photo painting buddha meditation on canvas.
    Looking for a spiritual or esoteric work of art for the wall? With this photo painting of a Buddha in meditation pose, you create a soothing atmosphere in your home.This Buddha image is…

    € 149,95
  • Buddha`s Gesture
    Buddha`s Gesture

    Photo painting Buddha hand on canvas.
    In our collection of Buddha paintings we have this beautiful canvas painting of a hand gesture, the so-called Vitarka Mudra, which stands for wisdom and teaching.The symbolism of this wall…

    € 129,95
  • Buddha`s Gaze
    Buddha`s Gaze

    Canvas triptych buddha.
    Beautiful triptych canvas with two Buddhas in shades of black and white with a single brown shade. With this fun painting you can easily give your room a spiritual touch.Depth of field was used when…

    € 149,95

    Painting Buddha Borobudur Indonesia (triptych).
    Are you looking for wall decoration from Indonesia? We have a black and white canvas of the famous Borobudur in Java Indonesia. This Buddhist painting fits into various living…

    € 149,95

    Buddha triptych painting on canvas in 3 colours.
    With this wall decoration of a Buddha statue on canvas you get a real eye-catcher at home! The Buddha is represented in the colors bronze, khaki and black and white.This esoteric…

    € 149,95
  • Buddha Sati
    Buddha Sati

    Brown triptych Buddha painting on canvas.
    This photo painting of a Buddha statue in a brown shade gives a warm look to your interior. This spiritual cloth suits a modern or an exotic interior style.

    € 149,95
  • Buddha Jhana
    Buddha Jhana

    Black and white triptych painting Buddha on canvas.
    This mysterious-looking black and white wall decoration of a Buddha statue fits any home decor and brings harmony to your interior.

    € 149,95

    Black and white japanese buddha on canvas.
    Are you looking for an esoteric element for your decor? This black and white Buddha painting is definitely recommended. Because it is a black and white canvas, the painting looks very…

    € 129,95

Buddha painting on canvas

With a beautiful Buddha painting on canvas you can easily give your living room or bedroom a spiritual and soothing atmosphere. In the webshop you can easily buy Buddha wall decoration that fits perfectly into your interior.

Are you still looking for wall decoration for your yoga studio, beauty salon or meditation room? A beautiful spiritual painting creates a soothing atmosphere.

Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama Buddha was a spiritual leader who lived in Nepal around 400 BC. After having had a privileged and protected childhood, around the age of 29 he gave up all wealth to live as a monk in India. After two years of apprenticeship in Benares with two well-known masters and still not finding relief from his suffering there, he went his own way. He then led a life of self-flagellation for six years. He concluded that the self-torment did not lead to relief either. Finally, Buddha found a middle ground between pleasure and self-punishment through meditation under the bodhi tree at Bodhgaya in India. After 49 days of meditation, he finally attained the long-sought enlightenment (nirvana). From then on he was Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.

The mudras in the Buddha paintings Various mudras can be seen on the Buddha canvas paintings in the Canvas Fotokunst webshop. The mudra represents the position of the Buddha's hands.






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