London, New York and Paris

    3 important major cities that are all worth visiting.

    Hang them in the order you want.

    Available as a small triptych, 3 pieces of 40 cm x 80 cm.

    Do you have other wishes (other cities?) Ask for the…

    € 149,95

    Beautiful retro photo from the old days of Amsterdam.

    Available in:1 whole 70 cm x 100 cm

    small triptych 3x 40 cm x 80 cm (total 120 cm wide)

    large triptych 3 x 50 cm x 100 cm (total 150 cm wide)

    Prefer on plexiglass or…

    € 149,95

    Beautiful image of the Louvre at night.Beautifully lit with a golden glow.

    Of course also available in black and white or on other materials. Very nice on plexiglass (5 or 10 mm).

    Can't you go and see it yet? Bring the Louvre…

    € 149,95
  • Seattle

    Photo painting of the Seattle skyline.
    This bustling city was the breeding ground for many grunge bands and musicians in the 1990s. Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, among others, come from Seattle. In the skyline you…

    € 149,95

    Black and white photo painting of Amsterdam.
    Do you have a thing for Mokum? Give your room the atmosphere of this special city with this canvas of a typical Amsterdam street scene.In this black and white photo you see parked…

    € 149,95

    Photo painting of colorful houses in Burano.
    Bring the atmosphere of Italy into your home with this beautiful canvas of colored houses on a canal on the island of Burano in the sinking city of Venice. This large colorful wall…

    € 149,95
  • San Francisco Skyline
    San Francisco Skyline

    Black and white photo painting San Francisco on canvas.
    Do you have a living room with modern decor and are you still looking for wall decoration from San Francisco that fits well on the wall? This black and white canvas of this…

    € 149,95
  • Rome

    Canvas painting of the Colosseum in Rome.
    Give your room the atmosphere of a day in Rome with this canvas of the Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum.This large wall decoration fits perfectly on the wall with almost…

    € 149,95
  • Melbourne Skyline
    Melbourne Skyline

    Large photo painting of Melbourne on canvas.

    Bring back the spirit of your vacation or stay in Australia with this shot of Melbourne's skyline, also known as the Garden City. The low sun gives the image a warm appearance.

    € 149,95
  • YELLOW CAB New York
    YELLOW CAB New York

    Large black and white canvas New York with yellow taxi.
    Breathe in the atmosphere of the metropolis of New York, with this fun black and white canvas with a yellow color accent. In this photo you see a street in the city, with a…

    € 149,95
  • Chicago

    Photo painting of the Chicago skyline.
    With this beautiful photo of a sun setting over Chicago you give your room the ambiance of a loft in this metropolis. The setting sun illuminates the sky and the city in warm colours.

    € 149,95

    Triptych painting Eiffel Tower on canvas.
    Nice art print of the Eiffel Tower on canvas in three different colors, divided over three panels. With this triptych painting you bring the atmosphere of Paris into your home!This…

    € 149,95
  • Statue of Liberty triptych
    Statue of Liberty triptych

    Statue of Liberty triptych on canvas.
    Give your room a metropolitan atmosphere with this art print of the Statue of Liberty.The Statue of Liberty in New York, a symbol of liberty and a sign welcoming Americans and immigrants…

    € 149,95
  • Venice

    Photo painting Venice on canvas.
    Bring the romance of Venice into your home with this beautiful art print of this special Italian city. The canvas has an almost painterly look due to the lighting and effects.

    € 149,95
  • New York Set 1
    New York Set 1

    New York canvas art print set Mix & Match.
    Stylish set of three canvases from the Mix & Match New York series.This triptych consists of canvases depicting the Wall Street bull, the famous yellow taxi and the Manhattan Bridge, as…

    € 199,95
  • Montreal Canada
    Montreal Canada

    Photo painting of Montreal Canada on canvas.
    Do you have fond memories of your time in romantic Montreal, the "Paris of North America"? This beautiful photo of the city in autumn colors gives your interior a warm look.

    € 149,95
  • Canvas San Francisco
    Canvas San Francisco

    Photo painting San Francisco on canvas.
    Do you have a special bond with San Francisco? Then this canvas painting of the famous "Painted Ladies" at Alamo Square is definitely recommended. In the background you can see the skyline…

    € 149,95

    Photo painting Eiffel Tower on canvas.
    Bring the atmosphere of Paris to your living room with this nice photo painting of the Eiffel Tower. The angle from which the photo was taken and the colors of the sky and clouds caused by…

    € 149,95

    Painting of New York skyscrapers on canvas.
    Are you crazy about New York? And are you looking for a black and white art print or poster of the skyscrapers of this city for your home? With this modern canvas you bring the urban…

    € 149,95
  • Taj Mahal
    Taj Mahal

    Black and white photo painting Taj Mahal on canvas.
    Beautiful black and white photo on canvas of the Taj Mahal in India. Because of the photographer's point of view, there is a nice symmetry in the photo.You see the photo art here…

    € 149,95
  • Colors of New York
    Colors of New York

    New York skyline poster.
    Are you looking for modern wall decoration from New York? Add a pinch of the dynamism of this metropolis to your decor with this popular modern triptych.In this photo you can see the illuminated skyline of…

    € 149,95
  • Manhattan Bridge New York
    Manhattan Bridge New York

    Photo Manhattan Bridge New York on canvas. Bring a hint of nostalgia and romance to your interior with this black and white photo painting of the Manhattan Bridge in New York on canvas. Photographed from Pike Street.

    € 149,95
  • Reflection of NY
    Reflection of NY

    Black and white painting New York skyline on canvas.
    Give your room the atmosphere of a metropolis with this beautiful sleek black and white photo art of the New York skyline on canvas. The modern cityscape is once again reflected…

    € 149,95
  • New York Skyline
    New York Skyline

    New York
    Indians were the original inhabitants of Manhattan Island. Italian Giovani da Verrazzano was the first European explorer to reach New York Bay in 1524. The area was not mapped until 1609 by the Englishman Henry Hudson.The…

    € 149,95

Paintings of cities on canvas
Bring the atmosphere of a cosmopolitan city to your living room with one of these beautiful photo paintings of cities on canvas. In the webshop of Canvas Fotokunst you will probably find a beautiful canvas of your favorite city.

Bring the atmosphere of a metropolis into your home with a painting of a city.

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