• Majestic

    Photo painting lion on canvas. Beautiful picture of a lion with a long mane

    € 149,95


    € 149,95

    Beautiful photo painting of an eagle on canvas.
    A symbol of freedom and beauty, this magnificent eagle is best known as the national symbol of America. With this beautiful photo painting of a bald eagle, also known in America as…

    € 149,95

    Large tiger painting on canvas.
    This special feline symbolizes strength and independence. This beautiful wall decoration certainly gives your living room a powerful atmosphere.

    About tigers
    Panthera tigris is a feline that only…

    € 149,95

    Sepia photo painting of running horses.
    Are you looking for an art print that symbolizes freedom? Or are you a real horse madman? With this painting of horses running between drifting sand you give your room a special…

    € 149,95

    Photo painting of a red deer on canvas. Beautiful shot of a red deer (Cervus elaphus) during sunset. The orange sky of the setting sun gives this animal canvas painting a beautiful, warm appearance.

    De foto wordt afgedrukt op…

    € 149,95
  • Elephant

    Photo painting of an elephant on canvas.
    A topper from our animal paintings collection. Beautiful large wall decoration of an elephant on canvas. The photo was taken in Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia, Africa.

    € 149,95
  • Running

    Photo painting horses on canvas (triptych).
    Are you looking for an attractive canvas canvas? This beautiful large painting of running horses on a ranch is a symbol of freedom. This wall decoration gives a nice effect to any…

    € 149,95
  • The Three Stripes
    The Three Stripes

    Black and white painting zebra on canvas (triptych).
    Extraordinarily beautiful black and white wall decoration of three zebras. This large painting is a real eye-catcher in, for example, an exotic interior. Due to the symmetry and…

    € 149,95
  • Panthera pardus
    Panthera pardus

    Photo painting leopard on canvas.
    Do you want a bold animal canvas on the wall? This beautiful art print of an African leopard, resting in the shade, fits well on the wall in both an exotic and a modern interior.We will stretch…

    € 149,95
  • Pride

    Painting of a lion on canvas.
    With this large canvas on the wall, every interior gets a cool look. This beautiful picture of an African lion on canvas, the king of animals, is one of the most popular animal paintings in our…

    € 149,95

animal paintings
In the Canvas Fotokunst webshop you will find a wide range of animal paintings. We have a nice canvas of an animal for every living style. Do you want to give your living room or bedroom an exotic or exciting atmosphere? Then you could think of a beautiful painting of a tiger or a large canvas of a lion. Do you have a rural interior? Then a cow painting is of course perfect on the wall.

A beautiful animal painting for every interior
We have different types of animal paintings for sale in the webshop. In our range you will find sepia paintings, black and white photo art of animals, monochrome canvases with a color accent or very colorful images on canvas. With our special animals on canvas you create a special atmosphere at home!

Symbolism animals
Humans have given animals many symbolic meanings over time. Of course, this meaning can vary by culture or region. Below you will find an overview of the meanings of the animals in our paintings:

  • ladybug: happiness and fun
  • lion: courage and wisdom
  • leopard: strength and vision
  • cow: fertility, care
  • elephant: (maternal) care, wisdom, overcoming death
  • (white) swans: purity, transformation
  • zebra: harmony, balance
  • tiger: strength, independence
  • peacock: pride, immortality
  • horse: strength, vitality
  • wolf: faithfulness, intuition





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