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Beautiful photo of this beautiful, useful, strong plant..

When most people think of the cannabis plant, they think of Dutch weed and hashish. But this plant is truly at home in all markets. For centuries it was used to make canvas sails for shipping (canvas is therefore derived from the word 'cannabis'). You can use the fibers to make something as sturdy as twine, or something as delicate as tissue paper (which you can use to spin those hashies). Clothes are made from it. It is used in insulation and building materials. It's in cosmetic products. Hemp seed is nutritious and healthy for humans and animals. And recently it is also possible to make chairs with it.


The production process of the Hemp chair After the hemp has been harvested, the fibers are extracted from the hemp in the Hempflax factory. This serves as the raw material for the seat shell of the chair. In addition, Plantics developed a unique biological resin that is used as a binding agent. The combination of these two materials results in a biomaterial that is one of a kind. Because both the raw material and the binding agent are organic, vegetable and recyclable. What is also special about the chair is that it can be completely recycled again: it goes through the shredder and then a new chair is made from it. This can be repeated endlessly, whereby the quality is not lost. And Vepa is the only company in the world where this is possible without adding new raw materials or chemicals. For photos and information regarding this chair, please refer to: I say hats off!


Of course as CANVAS photo art, the roots of our material also lie with this plant, which is why it should not be missing!


Available as a whole 100 cm x 70 cm and as a triptych (small 3x 80 cm x 40 cm and large 3x 100 cm x 50 cm).

If you would like to use other materials, please send an email to or request an edit of the photo such as image 4.



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